Winpe Shine Leadership Development Series
Building Strategic Networks to Accelerate Career Growth
Thursday, 27 Aug, 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:40pm
A 100-minute online workshop on the importance of strategic networking for career success, delivered by Diversity Dialogs, a firm that specializes in learning programs for women, focused on helping them take charge of their careers.

Our Speakers

Rosita Rabindra
Rosita Rabindra
Co-Founder of Diversity Dialogs

Workshop Program

Building Strategic Networks to Accelerate Career growth
  • Mastering strategic networking
  • - Why you should invest in building a network

    - Understand the types of networks

  • Evaluate your network
  • - Assess your current network

    - Identify gaps in your network and how to fill them

  • Understand the differences in networking styles between men and women
  • Build a strategic network – composition and profile
  • - Identify the types of people you need to build a strategic network

    - Identify the opportunities to network

  • Leverage social media to strengthen your network
Course / Session Material
All Change Capsule© programs have accompanying worksheets that mailed to participants prior to the online session.
All course material is the property of Diversity Dialogs and cannot be used or reproduced in any form without prior written approval from Diversity Dialogs.
The online session will use an appropriate mixture of facilitator-led content, activities / exercises. The discussions, activities, exercises have been designed to enable participants’ self-realization and personal action planning that they will be able to carry forward to the workplace resulting in visible change.