Winpe Shine Leadership Development Series
Communicating Achievements: Bragging with Grace for Impact
26, 27, 28 MAY 2020 | ONLINE WEBCAST
The workshop received an overwhelming response, with all three sessions housefull. Women leaders with diverse backgrounds and work experiences participated in the highly interactive sessions, benefiting from the training by Diversity Dialogs, and coming away with remarkable insights and actionable ideas.


95% of participants rated these sessions 4 out of 5 or higher on the NPS
"Great session! Thank you Winpe and Diversity Dialogs. Key takeaway - never undermine yourself and consciously avoid shying away from praises."
"Thanks Winpe and Diversity Dialogs for a great session. Great insights. Reminder that we need not wait till perfection and speak about our achievements earlier the better. "
"Thanks Winpe and Diversity Dialogs..Awesome session. Important reminder to not undermine and be impactful in conversations."
“Thank you, the session was an eye opener! My key takeaway is to shed the shy and speak out about my achievements."
“A real takeaway for me is being more structured in how I present my achievements- planning them out in advance is key!”
"The feedback has been really useful and practical in thinking about how to move past a deferential style of interaction and present myself with more confidence! Thank you everyone, and thanks to Winpe."
"Don't be a wallflower. Don't be embarrassed by compliments. Thanks for letting us know it's a common problem."