COVID-19: Impact on Deals & Contracts

Friday, 03 April, 2020 | Online Webinar

Our Speakers

Dharini Mathur
Dharini Mathur
Senior Counsel, IFC


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken us all by storm; catching people, societies, business and economies unprepared at multiple levels. For businesses, it is a question of survival, not only because of the disruption, but also because of the ripple effects created across the whole business infrastructure.
With Force Majeure beginning to come into play, could it be that businesses can no longer assume that their core contracts will be honoured? What is the likely impact on deal making and the ability of parties to suspend, delay or terminate their contractual commitments? Senior partners Upasana Rao and Nayantara Nag from Trilegal and Dharini Mathur, Senior Counsel at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) will answer these questions and more.
During the webinar, they will:
- Consider the relevant contractual provisions when negotiating or attempting to exit contracts and the legal principles to look to in the absence of contractual protection.
- Use live examples of what companies and investors are experiencing and draw lessons from these experiences.
- Discuss the response from the Government of India and the slew of measures announced to provide financial stability and regulatory relief to companies to mitigate the impact of this unprecedented circumstance.