Winpe Shine Leadership Development Series

Build the Brand U

July 10 2021, Online
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

What do you want to be known for a few years down the line? What is your online presence saying about you? What is the difference between personality, image and brand and how do you build them effectively? How does your visual identity impact your credibility?

Personal branding has become an imperative today. Chances are that you are being googled by someone whether it is for a personal or a business meeting. Did you know that 73% employers google a prospective candidate before hiring? And that 43% employers track how their employees are building their online presence?

This 90 minutes workshop took participants through:

  • Know the process to move from a Commodity to a Brand
  • Understand brand positioning and brand deficit
  • Distinguish between personality, image and personal brand
  • Create a visual identity that builds trust, creates influence and inspires respect
  • Develop a value proposition that translates into your personal brand
  • Learn how to align the personal brand to the company's brand

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Why Invest in your Personal Brand?

Trainer: Parveen Gandhi

Parveen Gandhi is a Certified Global Image Consultant, Personal Brand Strategist, a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, and a Behavioral Expert.

She has dedicated 21 years in the field of training and consulting. And because of her exceptional contributions in Training, Coaching and Consulting, was given the Woman of the Year award by the Indian Achievers Conference in 2015.