Winpe Ignite
Breaking into Investing
SATURDAY, 28 NOV, 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Winpe Ignite’s Breaking Into Investing, a valuable careers session for women aspiring to enter the highly competitive investing industry was very well-received and attended, with participants coming away well-equipped to kickstart their journey as an investment professional.

96% of participants rated the session 4 out of 5 or higher on the NPS.

Snapshot of Takeaways

  • A Career in PEVC industry is always a learning curve. Peer learning and networking is prominent in this industry. Overall, it is a “rewarding career”.
  • The check points in the resume are educational background and academic performance, prior work experience with a focus on organisational performance and quality references.
  • Essential skill sets one must garner to enter this industry are data orientation, communication skills, networking ability and sector expertise. Knowledge of Corporate Finance and Unit Economics comes handy in buy-side interviews.
  • Prior Interview preparation is a must. The candidates must advance their knowledge about the sector by reading about the portfolio companies of the PE firms and listening to the podcast of investors.
  • Culture fit of a candidate for this industry is analysed on one’s ability to work under stress, decision-making skills and understanding of the sector and the prospective team.
  • The aspiring candidates of this industry can reach out to the search firms and build a network of buy-side employees to know about the job postings.

Session Agenda

Are you looking to break into the PE/VC space and need guidance on the intimidating recruitment process? Need tips on interview preparation and technical rounds? An insider view on how top investing firms hire?

  • Topics covered:
  • - CV drafting and shortlisting

    - Interviewing Tips

    - Culture Fit Assessment

    - Q&A


Anshul Lodha
Anshul Lodha
Regional Director
Michael Page
Charu Gulati
Charu Gulati
Head of Human Capital Management
Everstone Capital
Sakshi Chopra
Sakshi Chopra
Sequoia Capital