The Winpe Ally Network (WAN) is a network of small groups of women from investing (Winpe Ally Groups), with a desire to build close knit communities that each member can leverage in her professional journey within investing. Each group will have members representing different levels of seniority. We hope that within each group, women will find friends, philosophers and guides and their own unique support systems as they progress on their professional journeys. And that they will unlock the power of peer learning, knowledge exchange and industry networks for their benefit.

Benefits of the Ally Network: Development of female talent for the investing industry


For the initial period of 3 months, WAN will run on a pilot basis with 4 groups of 8 women each. The Pilot will gather experience and feedback for full scale roll out.
Participants from the Pilot will have assured entry into the Winpe Ally Network at the time of full roll out.


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